Systemic Racism Is Driving Animals Out Of ‘Deprived’ Areas, Woke Biologists Claim

  • “In the United States, systemic racism has had lasting effects on the structure of cities, specifically due to government-mandated redlining policies that produced racially segregated neighborhoods that persist today,” said the study.
  • But the second sentence acknowledges the obvious: “However, it is not known whether varying habitat structures and natural resource availability associated with racial segregation affect the demographics and evolution of urban wildlife populations.”
  • After thousands of words, the study concludes with this verbose passage: “If models including both covariates explain more variation than models with either covariate, this suggests that the effect of neighborhood racial composition and environmental disturbance on genetic composition are to some extent independent. If the opposite is true, it is more likely that racial composition affects genetic composition due to its correlation with environmental disturbance.”
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