Ted Cruz Warns DC Authorities Will Pay If Aborted Baby Remains Are Disposed

Senator Ted Cruz is leveling accusations against Washington, D.C. officials, including Mayor Muriel Bowser, Metropolitan Police Chief Pamela Smith, and Chief Medical Examiner Francisco Diaz, alleging a “candid willingness to obstruct justice” in their refusal to investigate the deaths of five aborted, preemie-sized babies.

In a letter obtained by The Daily Signal, the Texas Republican warned D.C. officials that failure to preserve the bodies and conduct timely autopsies could compel the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold a full hearing. Cruz emphasized that the Department of Justice and the Office of the D.C. Medical Examiner might be called as witnesses before the public.

Cruz cautioned officials against disposing of the babies’ bodies prematurely, stressing that it would deny justice to the victims and preemptively assume the cause and nature of their deaths.

The senator referred specifically to five babies allegedly aborted by Cesare Santangelo at Washington Surgi-Clinic, with their remains reportedly in the possession of the D.C. medical examiner for almost two years.

Pro-life activists suspect potential violations of federal laws like the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act or the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. Attorney Martin Cannon, representing pro-life activist Lauren Handy, received communication from the Medical Examiner’s Office, indicating the DOJ’s advice to dispose of the babies’ remains. However, both the medical examiner’s office and the DOJ have been reticent in providing further comments.

Cruz emphasized the need for an investigation into the babies’ deaths, citing the “unusually mature” nature of the fetal remains and questioning whether they were born alive and left to die. He reiterated the illegality under the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 for an abortionist to partially deliver a living child with the intent to end the baby’s life.