TN Senate Passes Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns

Tempers flared Tuesday afternoon, when the Tennessee Senate passed a bill that would allow certain teachers to carry firearms in the classroom. Dozens of parents started chanting in the Senate gallery, and when they were cleared after several warnings by Senate leadership, their protest continued out into the hallway.

“Vote them out, vote them out,” the crowd chanted.

Here are the qualifications teachers would have to meet in order to carry a weapon in school.:

  1. The teacher already has a handgun carry permit.
  2. The teacher goes through 40 hours of additional training.
  3. The teacher passes a psychological evaluation
  4. The local police chief or sheriff gives their approval.
  5. The school system’s Director of Schools gives their approval.
  6. The teacher’s principal gives their approval.

Applicants would also have to submit their fingerprints to local law enforcement and pass a background check.
“It’s pretty reasonable to me,” said Rep. Bud Hulsey, R-Kingsport, who is also retired law enforcement and represents a more rural part of the state. “If you’ve been through the training, you’ve passed the test, you’ve qualified — to me it’s a reasonable alternative if you want to take advantage of it.”

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