Today’s News Minute | January 31, 2023

Here are some of the headlines we are featuring today, January 31, 2023, from your favorite news outlets at OFFTHEPRESS.COM

Former President Donald Trump is walking a different path to the Republican nomination. Allies say instead of crashing the scene like he did in 2016, he is taking a slow, methodical approach as seen in his collection of endorsements. And he’s being helped by those he got into politics, like new Senators JD Vance and Eric Schmidtt.

President Joe Biden seems a bit confused on his promise to put Americans into electric cars. Just as he made that pledge, his White House killed plans to mine for rare earth minerals needed to make batteries for those EVs.

The ATF today is expected to announce its new registration rules on guns that will require owners to give their photo and fingerprints to Uncle Sam. New buyers of AR-style pistols will also have to fork over $200.

And America is sighing over the death of Laverne & Shirley actress Cindy Williams. She was 75.

Trump Building Steam

Biden Blocks Mining For Minerals Critical To His Green, EV Promises

Starting Today, Biden Requires Finger Prints, Photo, Gun Registration

‘Lavern & Shirley’ Actress Cindy Williams Dies at 75