Top R Calls For Probe Of Secret Service’s ‘Bizarre’ Actions To Aid Hunter Biden

  • JAMES COMER: There are numerous instances where the Secret Service came and tried to bail Hunter out when he was in a jam, when he was in California and getting in all kinds of trouble, getting kicked out of a very exclusive hotel there.
  • The Secret Service showed up to try to see if there was some way they could get him back to Delaware to his family to protect him. And then with this gun application, there’s reports that the Secret Service went and visited the gun dealer and wanted a copy of the application.
  • And I don’t believe the gun dealer gave the Secret Service a copy of that application, but regardless of the fact at that point in time, Joe Biden did not have Secret Service protection. Joe Biden received Secret Service protection six months after he left the vice presidency and at the point when he declared for president.
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