Tribute To C. Boyden Gray: ‘One Of The Last True Giants Of Washington’

In a moving and informational tribute to the late Boyden Gray, T. Elliot Gaiser recalls what he learned working for the White House lawyer and legal activist.

Gaiser, a former Supreme Court clerk, tells several stories about Gray’s impact in Washington and specifically on White House policy during the George H.W. Bush years.

He wrote: ‘I will always see Boyden as one of the last true giants of Washington, a deserving heir to a family that embodied the founding vision of a government accountable to the people and led by statesmen drawn from among their best. From his daily trips to the gym to his constant ability to plow through what seemed like endlessly dense pages of legal briefs, newspapers and emails (which he somehow replied to quickly, signed CBG), Boyden was an alert and active soul. He never stopped striving to embody the brightest of what his own late mentor and friend, President George H.W. Bush, called a thousand points of light.’

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