Trump: $6 Gas Biden’s Fault

  • Former President Trump said President Biden’s energy policies are to blame for sky high gas prices, over $6 in some California cities, and funding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war.
  • “Think of this, we were energy independent, we were soon going to be energy dominant. We would have been bigger than Saudi Arabia, and Russia combined,” Trump said of the record his administration achieved. “We were going to supply the world and they (Biden administration) just ended it. It was shocking.
  • “And that started the rise of inflation. It also gave Putin so much money, because remember, we had it down to $40 a barrel,” he added. “So that’s another way of stopping it. By the way, if you could get it down to $40 to $50 a barrel, he (Putin) wouldn’t be able to have the war, it would stop. Other than that, you’d have to talk to him, and you have to reason with him.”
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