Trump Calls On President Joe Biden To Take Cognitive Exam

  • In a post on Truth Social on Monday morning, Former President Donald Trump highlighted his outstanding performance on a recent cognitive exam, as confirmed by his doctor. Trump is now urging President Joe Biden, who celebrated his 81st birthday last Monday, to undergo a similar cognitive assessment.
  • Taking to Truth Social, Trump shared details of his recent exam results and issued a challenge to Biden, calling for him to undergo a cognitive test. Trump emphasized his own achievements, stating that he “ACED” the test, achieving a perfect score. He also noted that he had similarly excelled in a cognitive test taken during his tenure in the White House.
  • Trump’s challenge to Biden came with a list of concerns and policy points, urging the current president to take the test to shed light on his decision-making. Trump suggested that a cognitive test for Biden could provide insights into his positions on issues such as open borders, energy independence, a woke military, high inflation, voter ID, gender inclusion in sports, reliance on electric vehicles, and the state of the Department of Justice and FBI, among other matters.