Trump Election Lawyer John Eastman Says He Was Disbarred For Free Speech

California Bar Disciplinary Judge Yvette Roland disbarred Donald Trump’s former attorney and constitutional legal scholar John Eastman.

She issued a 128-page opinion on March 27, almost four months after she’d received the parties’ closing written statements.

Eastman posted an article on his Substack about the ruling, stating that he would follow up with more articles analyzing the decision in depth. He said Roland, who donated to Democrats while serving on the bench, disbarred him since she claimed he “made misrepresentations of hotly disputed facts and unresolved questions of constitutional law in my representation of former President Trump and his challenges to the illegality of the 2020 election, and because I also made those claims in public speeches, writings, and media appearances in which I highlighted illegality in the election (all of which is constitutionally protected speech).”