Trump Takes Unprovoked Potshot At America’s Governor: ‘DeSanctimonious’

  • Former President Trump at a campaign event Saturday night referred to Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis as “Ron DeSanctimonious,” a comment political observers point to as sign of prelude to a likely hard-fought contest for the GOP 2024 presidential nomination.
  • “We’re winning big in the Republican Party for the nomination like nobody’s ever seen before,” Trump said Saturday night in western Pennsylvania.
  • The former president then listed the names of those he considers other Republicans who could potentially challenge him in 2024.
  • “There it is, Trump at 71 percent, Ron DeSanctimonious at 10%,” Trump told the crowd, citing what were apparently approval numbers.
  • “Mike Pence at seven, oh, Mike is doing better than I thought,” Trump continued. “Liz Cheney there’s no way she’s at 4%. There’s no way. There’s no way. But we’re at 71.”