Turley Rips Crybaby Abrams

Turley Says Abrams Lost Election Fight, 'Stuck On Denial'

  • Despite losing her fight to change Georgia’s election law, Jonathan Turley said that Stacey Abrams appears “stuck on denial” that she lost.
  • Abrams, who is closely associated with the Fair Fight Action group that lost the case. Abrams claimed that the federal court actually found a “racist, discriminating system” and the law is “a voter suppression law that is already harming Georgians this year.”  Indeed, while acknowledging that the loss, she makes it sound like Abrams’ group largely prevailed rather than lost entirely lost the challenge on voter suppression.
  • In an interview, Abrams seems to be an exercise of the stage of grieving made famous by psychiatrist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The problem is that she seems stuck on denial.
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