U Of Chicago Plans Class On ‘The Problem Of Whiteness’

  • The University of Chicago will offer a class called “The Problem Of Whiteness” during the winter semester, according to the school’s course catalog.
  • The course description reads: “Critical race theorists have shown that whiteness has long functioned as an ‘unmarked’ racial category, saturating a default surround against which non-white or ‘not quite’ other appear as aberrant. This saturation has had wide-ranging effects, coloring everything from the consolidation of wealth, power and property to the distribution of environmental health hazards.”
  • Daniel Schmidt, a student who tweeted about the class, said the topic is unsurprising.
  • Schmidt: “Since I began college a year ago, I’ve documented all the anti-white hatred I’ve seen on campus. Without a doubt, this is the most egregious example.”


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