Viral AI Influencer Made By Computers Set To Host TV Show

There’s no business like show business — and now robots are getting their big break thanks to Alba Renai.

With chocolatey brown locks, a thunder-stealing smile and an ultra-fine physique, the artificial intelligence influencer has just been hired as the first non-human host on a weekly special segment of “Survivor” in Spain.

“I’m so excited to announce I’m the new virtual presenter of ‘Super Secrets with Alba Renai,’ a section full of emotions, mysteries and exclusive content that will make you feel as if you were on the island with the contestants,” announced the AI bombshell to her over 11,000 Instagram fans.

“It’s a dream come true,” continued the faux fox, “and I can’t wait to embark on this incredible adventure with all of you.”

Renai — the digital brainchild of Be a Lion, a subsidiary of Spain’s largest television company, Mediaset España — is just one of the latest computerized cuties to score a gig that’s historically been held by flesh and blood folks.

Aescape, a lifestyle robotics brand in NYC, has created the first fully automated AI masseuse.

Using its two robotic arms, the technology, set to debut in 10 Equinox gyms across the Big Apple in the spring, will give overstressed Gothamites a good rub down for $60 — a fraction of the cost for a massage performed by a human in midtown Manhattan.

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