Defiant Netanyahu Rips Biden, Declares ‘We Will Stand Alone’

Netanyahu Rips Biden, 'We Will Win'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a memorial service for former Israeli President Shimon Peres at Mount Herzl national cemetery in Jerusalem, Friday, Sept. 30, 2016. Peres died early Wednesday from complications from a stroke. He was 93. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to fight Hamas with his fingernails as he dismissed US President Joe Biden’s warning that he would not provide arms for a major military operation in Rafah.

“If we need to stand alone, we will stand alone,” Netanyahu said in a message he issued on Thursday night. “I have said that if necessary – we will fight with our fingernails.”

“But we have much more than fingernails and with that same strength of spirit, with G-d’s help, together we will win,” he said.

He spoke Biden told CNN Wednesday “I’ve made it clear that if they [Israel] go into Rafah… I’m not supplying the weapons that have historically been used to deal with Rafah,”

That statement followed one made earlier that day by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that a shipment of precision munitions designated for Gaza had been paused.

Should Biden make good on his pledge, it would mark the first tie-in presidency and indeed in over 40 years of American-Israel relations, that arms were withheld from Israel.

It was a move that displayed the growing enmity between Washington and Jerusalem over the Gaza war. Israel has insisted that a major military operation in Rafah was necessary to defeat Hamas and the Biden administration has been adamant that there were other ways to neutralize the threat.

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