Western Pa Residents Completely Reject MSNBC’s J6 Narrative, In Interview

  • In the roughly three-minute clip, posted on the Twitter account of the political activist Jack Posobiec, all of the people in the panel of 10 who spoke dismissed the argument that the riot was a “violent protest” and said then-President Trump could not have quelled the violence.
  • When the reporter said Mastriano was at the “insurrection” and “photographed breaching one of the restricted areas, is that OK?,” a panelist responded: “I saw a video where Capitol police had taken away the barriers …. . He did strike anybody. He didn’t hurt anybody.”
  • Another person said of the riot, “Except on a smaller scale, it looked the same as Black Lives Matter.”
  • “It was a fiery but most peaceful protest,” said another.
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