Colorado Police Identify 2 Killed In College Dorm Shooting Labeled A Homicide

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs campus community was shaken by a tragic incident on Friday. Authorities discovered two individuals deceased inside one of the campus dorm rooms.

The Colorado Springs Police Department launched an investigation into the incident. Early assessments suggest that the event was isolated and confirmed it is being approached as a homicide case.

By Sunday, official statements from the police identified the victims. The two individuals were named as 24-year-old Samuel Knopp from Parker, Colorado, and 26-year-old Celie Rain Montgomery hailing from Pueblo, Colorado.

Details about the victims were shared by the authorities. Samuel Knopp was reported to be affiliated with the university, being enrolled as a student.

Conversely, Celie Rain Montgomery did not have a student status at the university, as confirmed by police reports.

According to the ongoing investigation, no immediate links suggest that the incident should be classified as a murder-suicide. The investigation remains under the jurisdiction of the Colorado Springs Police Department, as they continue to unravel the events that led to the demise of Knopp and Montgomery.