Yulia Navalnaya Vows To Continue Husband’s Anti-Putin Effort After His Sudden Death

Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of the well-known Russian opposition figure, Alexei Navalny, has pointed the finger at Russian President Vladimir Putin, insinuating his involvement in her husband’s untimely demise. During a heartfelt video address on Monday, Navalnaya made a pledge to carry on her husband’s political battle for the sake of Russia.

Navalnaya’s message was poignant and defiant: “We know why Putin killed Alexei three days ago, we will tell you about it soon. But the main thing we can do for Alexei and for ourselves is to continue to fight. I will continue the work of Alexei Navalny, continue to fight for our country, and I urge you to stand next to me.”

Alexei Navalny, a stalwart critic of the Kremlin’s policies and a thorn in President Putin’s side, passed away last Friday while serving his sentence in a state penitentiary, as confirmed by Russian authorities. He was 47.

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesperson, has refuted any hints of Kremlin complicity in Navalny’s fatal end. “There were no statements from doctors, no information from forensic experts, no final information from the Federal Penitentiary Service, no information about the causes of death,” Peskov publically stated, dismissing suspicions of foul play.

In a further twist, officials in a northern Arctic city morgue where Navalny is believed to be undergoing postmortem examinations barred entrance to his mother and his legal team on Monday, as per Navalny’s aides. These same officials have also withheld confirmation as to whether Navalny’s remains were present there.

Adding to the enigma surrounding the case, Russia’s Investigative Committee, noted for its involvement with politically charged investigations, has informed Navalny’s kin of a protracted probe into his death. This decision means that for the time being, the body won’t be released to his family.

Yulia Navalnaya is also slated to bring this alarming development before an assembly of European foreign ministers, whom she is set to meet in Brussels on Monday.