Green Groups Embed With Feds To Ban Gas Stoves

Green groups embed with feds to plot end of gas appliances

  • Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr.’s threat of a federal ban on gas stoves this month has channeled the goals of left-wing billionaire think tanks that are making significant progress in pushing communities to eliminate fossil fuels.
  • A web of environmental groups is stepping up the campaign to persuade states and local communities to switch to all-electric energy. The Rocky Mountain Institute, the Sierra Club and other green groups are working successfully to ban gas stoves and other gas appliances in communities throughout the U.S. as part of an aggressive move to implement a net-zero global economy by 2050.
  • Some observers say the effort gained momentum in July 2019 during a two-day meeting hosted by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund at the Rockefeller family mansion in Pocantico, New York. The strategy session paired dozens of high-ranking state officials with green energy groups, including the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Georgetown Climate Center and the Energy Foundation.