Democrat Mayor Puts Blame On Young Campaign Staffer

Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot has apologized for emails her campaign sent to Chicago Public Schools teachers to try to recruit student volunteers.

  • Lightfoot says campaign staff did not work with the school system to get out the emails, which ask teachers to share a form encouraging students to volunteer in exchange for class credit.
  • “There was zero, zero coercion, coordination or anything else between the campaign and Chicago Public Schools,” Lightfoot said Thursday.
  • The apology came one day after a news report about the email, which also went to City Colleges staff.
  • The city and school district inspector generals are gathering information to see if any policies were violated.
  • “It was a mistake,” Lightfoot said. “She understands it was a mistake.”
  • However, City Colleges released a statement Thursday saying they notified Lightfoot’s campaign about the emails in August, when staffers first received them after being advised to do so by their Ethics Department.