Depraved Horror Movie Causes Viewers To Vomit, Faint In Theater

  • While most horror films keep people up at night, slasher flick “Terrifier 2” is apparently so graphic that viewers are vomiting and passing out in their seats. Social media users shared their appalling viewing experiences ahead of the special release of director Damien Leone’s film Thursday.
  • The crowd-funded indie horror flick — which will play in over 850 theaters nationwide after initially airing last week — is the “Uncut and Uncompromised” sequel to “Terrifier,” a film about a psychotic killer clown named Art the Clown.
  •  In this blood-splattered sequel, the homicidal harlequin gets resurrected by a malevolent entity, whereupon he terrorizes a teenage girl and her brother on Halloween. Think “It” but with buckets more blood and guts.