Duchess Used PGA Golfer Rory McIlroy ‘To Promote Herself’

  • Meghan Markle flirted so hard with PGA golfer Rory McIlroy that her boyfriend demanded to know whether she had cheated on him with the champion golfer, a new book claims.
  • They were spotted by a hotel owner, who invited them to join him at dinner with 20 pals at Cipriani that night.
  • “The following morning, McIlroy arrived [at Ridgewood Country Club] 30 miles away to play in a new competition. Worse for wear after a hectic night, he fell back to 101st place,” Bower writes.
  • “Nevertheless, he refused to sleep as usual near the golf course to be ready the following day. Instead, he drove back to New York to see Meghan. His performance suffered.”