Ex-FBI Intelligence Questions Bureau’s Russian Disinformation Strategy

  • Kevin Brock, the FBI’s first-ever intelligence chief, questions whether his former agency’s approach to combating so-called Russian disinformation is working, warning the effort may exceed the actual threat while infringing on Americans’ free speech.
  • “I struggle with the idea that the Russians are able to mount enough influence to impact our electorate,” Brock told the “Just the News, No Noise” television show.
  • “I haven’t seen any empirical data that these influence campaigns are really having some type of effect on Americans,” Brock added. “And so I sometimes question the amount of effort that goes into or concern about all of this stuff and whether or not resources are being applied appropriately.”
  • Brock’s comments followed two bombshell revelations last week — one from Twitter owner Elon Musk and the other from a deposition of an FBI agent — exposed the toll the FBI’s war on disinformation is taking on Americans’ civil liberties.
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