Gaetz Says Not Voting For McCarthy As Speaker

  • After the GOP’s underwhelming showing in the midterms, McCarthy’s ascension to speakership has been in jeopardy.
  • “I’m making my announcement, which is that I’m not voting for Kevin McCarthy,” Gaetz said Monday on “The Charlie Kirk Show,” on the Real America’s Voice cable TV network. “I’m not voting for him tomorrow, I’m not voting for him on the floor.”
  • Gaetz suggested others in the House Republican Conference think likewise.
  • “I am certain that there is a critical mass of people who hold my precise view and so the sooner we can sort of dispense with the notion that Kevin is gonna be speaker, then we can get to the important work of actually looking at who are the people that [Pennsylvania GOP Rep.] Brian Fitzpatrick and Matt Gaetz can agree on.”
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