Hundreds Of Jan. 6 Cases Could Be Shortened Following New Court Ruling

More than 100 people convicted in cases related to the January 6, 2021, Capitol Hill protestors could see shortened sentences following a federal appeals court ruling on Friday. 

Larry Brock must be resentenced. Brock was a retired Air Force colonel who was sentenced to two years in federal prison for protesting in a building on J6.

The court raised questions about charges of “interference with the administration of justice.”

“Brock challenges both the district court’s interpretation of Section 1512(c)(2)’s elements and the sufficiency of the evidence to support that conviction. He also challenges the district court’s application of the three-level sentencing enhancement for interfering with the ‘administration of justice,’” the court opinion read. 

Several other parts of Brock’s conviction were upheld as well. However, the appeals court ruled it would “vacate Brock’s sentence and ordered the district court to resentence the single ‘interference’ charge.”

“As for Brock’s sentence, we hold that the ‘administration of justice’ enhancement does not apply to interference with the legislative process of certifying electoral votes,” Millett wrote.

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