Ignore The Lamestream: Trump’s Path Back To Oval Office Pretty Simple


  • The rot and decay that Donald Trump attempted to abate in his first term, only to see his efforts reversed by Joe Biden, can still be exorcised from Washington.  The most critical question remains: is Trump capable of tempering his hubris and embracing commonsense but perhaps personally humbling reforms that may invigorate his base and propel him to a second, thoroughly transformative return to the White House?  The state of American greatness depends on it.
  • Two years have passed since Joe Biden dubiously ascended to the White House on the promise of ushering in a new era of moderation, transparency, and globalism.  Instead, his ham-handed policies, whether conjured up from what remains of his feeble mind or from his cynical cast of puppet masters, are blazing a nationwide path of destruction on the American economy and psyche.  Why not, then, spare ourselves the collective misery of the present and ponder what might rectify our national embarrassment in a hypothetical Donald Trump v.2.0 presidency?  For the calculating and common sense–minded Trump, the below should be no great surprise.  It is for the sake of bringing greatness back to America that such well intended reforms should be implemented prior to or upon his triumphant return to Washington, D.C.
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