Kochs Take On Trump, Will Fight His 2024 Nomination

Koch Network To Back GOP WH Bids Denying Trump Nomination

  • The edict was made by America for Prosperity, a conservative grassroots behemoth and perhaps the most forward-facing arm of the Koch political machine.
  • Americans for Prosperity CEO Emily Seidel said in a recent email to staffers and activists never explicitly mentions Trump but writes, “Our country must move past the current political situation – we’ve got to turn the page on the past several years. If we want to elect better people, we need better candidates. And if we want better candidates, we’ve got to get involved in elections earlier and in more primaries.”
  • Trump is so far the only GOP presidential candidate to officially declare a 2024 campaign.
  • Americans for Prosperity was organized more than two decades ago by billionaires Charles and David Koch.
  • They network of groups didn’t like Trump for president in 2016 but many donors did, so they officially stayed out of the GOP primary.