Michigan Tells Schools To Hide ‘Gay Student Clubs’ From Parents

  • The Michigan Department of Education (MDOE) promoted resources for educators on how to start a “Gay Straight Alliance” (GSA) club in their schools, according to training materials.
  • The MDOE’s LGBTQ Students Project includes trainings and resources for LGBTQ students as well as educators on getting a GSA club “up and running,” according to the materials. For starting a GSA club, the department promoted a GSA resource list and brainstorming activity for educators to teach them how to advertise the club and insure student confidentiality.
  • An activity titled “what are some best practices to help your GSA be successful?” encourages educators to find a “safe space” for a club by reaching out to a school counselor or band director. To advertise the club, the activity suggests school announcements and putting the information in school newsletters.
  • “I had the school secretary read it aloud on the announcements to advertise,” the activity read. “Just hearing her say the words ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender’ aloud every morning for a week was a thrill.”