Outrage: School Gives 13-Year-Old ‘Chest Binder’ Without Parental Consent

  • A Maine public school social worker secretly began to socially transition a 13-year-old girl without her parent’s knowledge or consent, giving the child a chest binder in a form of “child predatory sexual grooming,” says the child’s upset mother.
  • At a meeting with the school board, Amber Lavigne said a Central Lincoln County School System (CLCSS) social worker, Samuel Roy, gave the chest compression garment to her daughter and told her to keep it a secret from her parents.
  • Billboard Chris wrote, “A social worker for a school district in Maine gave a 13-year-old girl a chest binder, without parental consent. Other school officials socially transitioned her, using male pronouns, while conspiring to keep all of this a secret from her mom.”
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