Pastor Arrested Dealing Crystal Meth

A Connecticut church pastor, Herbert Miller, 63, was arrested last week on charges of dealing crystal methamphetamine from his church’s rectory, local authorities reported.

Miller, who serves as the reverend of the Woodbury United Methodist Church, was apprehended by state troopers in Woodbury on Friday.

During the arrest, Miller was found in possession of crystal meth in both rock and liquid forms, with the latter discovered in a hypodermic needle prepared for injection.

According to a police report, Miller was observed operating his vehicle with a suspended registration due to failing to meet insurance requirements. Upon locating the vehicle, law enforcement officials discovered methamphetamine inside.

Reports from the New York Post suggested that Miller may have engaged in meth distribution in exchange for observing sexual activities involving gay couples. However, this claim, sourced from a local outlet, has not been independently verified by major news publications.

Police received a tip about Miller’s alleged illegal activities and subsequently apprehended him with the assistance of a cooperating witness who facilitated a drug transaction.