Podesta’s Ties To Dem Mega Donor Back In Spotlight

White House has not imposed special recusals or other firewalls for John Podesta as he prepares to oversee billions in new, green-energy spending, despite having publicly backed such efforts before joining Biden administration.

  • Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss has also reportedly backed such efforts or the groups behind them.
  • New York Times said last year Wyss is behind a “daisy chain of opaque organizations” that support left-leaning environmental groups and progressive causes.
  • For the past two decades, the career of Biden’s newest political appointee, Podesta, seems inextricably tied to the reclusive foreign billionaire.
  • Wyss was reportedly “one of the founding members” and sponsors of Center for American Progress, created by Podesta, President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, to promote liberal political policies.