Soros Gives $50M To Democrat Super PAC, Doubling His 2022 Contributions

  • Soros, know of his financial support for liberal candidates and causes prior to the new contribution spread $50 million in 2022 among candidates, committees and two super PACs, according to data from campaign finance tracker OpenSecrets.
  • Major recipients of donations from Soros during the 2022 election cycle include Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, who received $1 million for his runoff election; Stacey Abrams, who received $4 million in her failed Georgia gubernatorial bid; and the groups Planned Parenthood, J Street and the Working Families Party, each of which received $1 million.
  • Soros has also backed some prosecutor in such city as Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco whose liberal polices, say critics, has significantly contributed to increases in crime.
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