‘We Need You To Be Momala’: Drew Barrymore Calls Kamala Harris America’s Mother

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at Planned Parenthood, Thursday, March. 14, 2024, in St. Paul, Minn. (AP Photo/Adam Bettcher)

In a lengthy interview that aired on Monday, United States Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with talk show host Drew Barrymore about her marriage to second gentleman Doug Emhoff and their kids. She also used her time on the show to stump for U.S. President Joe Biden, and to reveal several intriguing things, like her laugh and a new nickname.

Harris used the example of how people talk about her laugh to bolster her claim. When she finds anything funny, she admits that she doesn’t laugh quietly and “ladylike.” Instead, she “lets it all out in one enormous cackle” that gets ridiculed online and elsewhere.

Harris believes that it is due to “straight-up sexism.”

During her in-person campaign trip in Atlanta on Monday, Harris often made light of the fact that her stepchildren call her “Momala,” a nickname that Barrymore adopted from the taped encounter.

“I keep thinking in my head that we all need a mom,” Barrymore stated, sitting almost knee-to-knee with the vice president. “I’ve been thinking that we really all need a tremendous hug in the world right now. But in our country, we need you to be the Momala of the country.”

“As a woman who respects so much and wants to share and wants to be confident and has no ounce of meek, that has competitiveness — when we lift each other up, we all rise,” she added. “We need a great protector.”

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